Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits (SSD and SSI) in Your State

State-specific information for your state about approval and denial statistics, appeals, the SSI supplement, and contact information for DDS, ODAR, and vocational rehabilitation services.

The following links lead to our state resource pages, which contain the following information: 

  • addresses and phone numbers of state DDS (Disability Determinations Service) units
  • addresses and phone numbers of ODAR hearing offices in your state
  • contact information for various state Departments of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • whether the state pays a supplement on top of SSI
  • state-by-state win-loss statistics for Social Security Disability and SSI claims decided at the initial claim and reconsideration appeal levels.

For information on how the Social Security disability and SSI disability system works, including how to apply, how to file appeals, tips and advice, and mistakes to avoid, please visit our section on Social Security Disability.

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