Filing for Social Security Disability in Nevada

Nevada ALJs approve Social Security and SSI disability benefits less often than ALJs in other states.

If you become disabled in Nevada, you can apply for Social Security disability benefits through two federal programs: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Nevada does not have a state disability program. While many of the processes for SSDI and SSI are standardized throughout the county, there are differences among the states, including the amount of the SSI payment, how decisions are made, the costs of getting medical records to support your disability claim, disability approval statistics, vocational rehabilitation services, and of course, contact information for disability-related officer.

Disability Decision-Making Process in Nevada

In every state, medical determinations are made by a disability examiner (DE). In Nevada, these disability examiners work for the Bureau of Disability Adjudication (BDA), which is a state agency under the Nevada Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation (DETR). In Nevada (unlike most other states), a DE doesn't have to consult with a medical examiner to sign off on a disability application before denying benefits -- except for cases involving mental illness or children's disabilities. This is part of Social Security's attempts to streamline the application decision process and speed up decision times.

Note that most states call their disability determination agency "Disability Determination Services (DDS)," so that's the term we use on this site to refer to this agency.

Free Copy of Medical Records in Nevada

In Nevada, health care professionals are normally allowed to charge up to $0.60 per page for a photocopy of your medical records. Fortunately, those who are obtaining medical records to support a Social Security disability claim are entitled to one free copy of their medical records. To receive the free set of medical records, you should supply your Social Security application or appeals paperwork with your request for your medical records.

Disability Benefits Statistics in Nevada

In Nevada, the approval rating for disability benefits is about equal to the national rates at the initial application stage, but it's significantly below average at administrative law judge (ALJ) hearings. The average hearing wait times are nearly equal in Nevada to the national average. Below is a chart that compares Nevada to the national average for disability benefit approvals.

Step of Application/ Appeals Process



Initial Application

32.6% approval

32.2% approval


15.5% approval

11.5% approval

ALJ Hearing

41.5% approval

58.1% approval

Hearing Wait Time

350 days

349 days

Nevada SSI Supplement

While the federal government pays the monthly benefits for recipients of SSI (which may be reduced based on additional income), the State of Nevada chooses to pay Nevada residents who are blind an additional monthly benefit. The amount depends on their living situation. The Social Security Administration administers this payment for Nevada. Below is the chart that outlines how much blind individuals in Nevada may be eligible to receive monthly.

Living Situation Nevada Federal Total

Living Independently




Living in the Household of Another




Domiciliary Care




Vocational Rehabilitation Services in Nevada

In Nevada, the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation under the Nevada DETR can help disabled individuals who want to return to work. Vocational Rehabilitation provides vocational services and individual counselors, who assess individuals' needs and create job plans for them. Below are the local offices for Vocational Rehabilitation.

Carson City

Nevada JobConnect

1933 N. Carson Street

Telephone: (775) 684-0400


Nevada JobConnect

1325 Corporate Boulevard

Telephone: (775) 823-8100


Nevada JobConnect

4001 S. Virginia Street

Telephone: (775) 834-1970


Nevada JobConnect

1675 E. Prater Way, Suite103

Telephone: (775) 336-5400


Nevada JobConnect

119 Water Street

Telephone: (702) 486-0300

Las Vegas

Rehabilitation office

3016 W. Charleston Suite 200

Telephone: (702) 486-5230



3405 S. Maryland Parkway

Telephone: (702) 486-0100

Southern Nevada

Adult Mental Health

6161 W. Charleston Boulevard, Bldg. #2

Telephone: (702) 486-6043

North Las Vegas

Nevada JobConnect

2827 Las Vegas Boulevard North

Telephone: (702) 486-0200


Nevada JobConnect

172 6th Street

Telephone: (775) 753-1931


Nevada JobConnect

1500 Avenue F, Suite 1

Telephone: (775) 289-1675


Nevada JobConnect

121 Industrial Way

Telephone: (775) 423-6568


Nevada JobConnect

475 W. Haskell Street, Suite 2

Telephone: (775) 623-6544

Contact Information for BDA

Here is contact information for the Bureau of Disability Adjudication (BDA), the office in Nevada that makes the decision regarding your disability benefits, and the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR), the office that handles all appeals in Nevada.


500 East Third Street

Carson City, NV 89713

Telephone: (775) 687-4430


2800 E. St. Louis Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89104

Telephone: (702) 636-4300

ODAR Regional Office

555 Battery Street

San Francisco, California 94111

Telephone: (866) 964-7584  


ODAR Hearing Offices

300 South 4th Street, 10th Floor

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Telephone: 888-397-5623

Serves the following areas: Henderson, Las Vegas, Las Vegas (North)


300 Booth Street

Reno, Nevada 89509

Telephone: (877) 897-0607

Serves the following areas: Reno


1610 Arden Way

Sacramento, California 95815

Telephone: (866) 931-2544

Serves the following areas: Elko

Finding a Disability Lawyer in Nevada

Because, on average, Nevada ALJs are less likely to approve disability benefits than ALJS in other areas of the country, you should seriously consider hiring a disability attorney to represent you at your hearing. (Here's how a disability lawyer helps.) To locate an attorney, visit our Nevada disability lawyers page.

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