Filing for Social Security Disability in New Jersey

Information about Social Security disability insurance and SSI in New Jersey, including the state supplement amounts for SSI.

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If you live in New Jersey and have a disability, you can apply for Social Security disability for long-term disabilities or state temporary disability insurance (TDI) benefits for short-term conditions. Below is an overview of how New Jersey processes Social Security Disability claims.

Social Security Disability in New Jersey

Social Security disability is for those who are disabled and unable to work for one year or longer. While the application process for Social Security disability benefits is uniform across the United States, each state processes their applications and provides other related services differently.

Disability Statistics for New Jersey

The initial approval rate for Social Security Disability benefits is slighlty higher in New Jersey than the national average approval rate, as is the approval rate after a disability hearing. Your chances of getting approved after your hearing are even higher if you are represented by a disability lawyer or nonattorney representative at the hearing.

The wait time for disability hearings (the time from when you first request a hearing until you have your hearing) is four months shorter, on average, than the national average wait time. Below is a comparison of the approval rates and hearing wait times for New Jersey and the national averages.

New Jersey

Approval Rates


Approval Rates

Initial Application









Hearing Wait Time

14 months

19 months

SSI Supplemental Payments

SSI is a federal program for low-income disabled individuals that pays out a specific monthly amount to all who qualify. As of 2019, the federal monthly payment for individuals who have no other income is $771; the payment for couples is $1,157 per month. The State of New Jersey chooses to pay an additional monthly payment to supplement the monthly federal payment. Below is a chart outlining the supplemental payments available in New Jersey, which depend on your living situation.

New Jersey Monthly Supplement

Living Alone or With Others





Living Alone with an Ineligible Spouse





Living in the Household of Another





Congregate Care Facility





Residential Health Care Facility





Living in a Medicaid-Approved Facility





Contact Information for Disability Determination

The Division of Disability Determination Services (DDS) is the New Jersey office that makes the decision on initial applications after they are reviewed by your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office. All questions regarding initial disability applications should be directed to the DDS. New Jersey has three main DDS offices in the state. You can call DDS with any questions through its toll-free number. Mailing addresses for the three offices in New Jersey are also listed below.

Division of Disability Determination Services

Northern New Jersey

P.O. Box 649
Newark, NJ 07101

Central New Jersey

P.O. Box 2671
New Brunswick, NJ 08903

Southern New Jersey

P.O. Box 378
Trenton, NJ 08625

Contact Information for Disability Hearing Offices

The Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) deals with all appeals for hearings. New Jersey has three hearing offices:

Jersey City OHO

325 West Side Avenue, Second Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07305
Telephone: (877) 773-7451
Fax: (201) 324-1709

Services the Social Security field offices in Jersey City and Hoboken.

Newark OHO

3rd Floor
1100 Raymond Blvd.
Newark, New Jersey 07102
Telephone: (877) 405-9798
Fax: (973) 645-2467

Services the following field offices: Clifton, East Orange, Hackensack, New Brunswick, Newark, Newton, Parsippany, Paterson, Somerville, Springfield Ave, Union Township, and Woodbridge

South Jersey OHO

2475 McClellan Blvd
Pennsauken, New Jersey 08109
Telephone: (866) 964-5769
Fax: (856) 317-3421

Services the following field offices: Brick, Bridgeton, Cherry Hill, Egg Harbor Township, Glassboro, Mount Holly, Neptune, Rio Grande, Toms River, and Trenton

Contact Information for Vocational Rehabilitation Services

After individuals become disabled, some can benefit from receiving services that will help them to prepare to work again and make a successful return to work. New Jersey provides these services through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS). There is a central office located in Trenton and 18 additional offices located throughout the state to services individuals. Below is the contact information for the central office; call this office for information about a local office near you.

DVRS Central Office

LWD Building, 10th Floor
John Fitch Plaza
P.O. Box 398
Trenton, NJ 08625-0398

New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits

Qualified employees can receive temporary disability benefits for up to six months in New Jersey. The benefits are two-thirds of your average wages. For more information, see our article on New Jersey TDI Benefits.

Contact Information for Legal Representation

If you want legal help with your claim or appeal, use our lawyer locator tool below to find a local lawyer who can help you with your disability case.

Updated May 30, 2019

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