Social Security Disability Notices and Awards

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The main purpose of this section is to show examples of the various types of notices that a disability claimant might receive, from either the state Disability Determination Services agency (DDS), the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR), the Appeals Council, or a Social Security district office. These examples are drawn from correspondence generated by various hearings offices, Social Security offices, and the DDS. Please bear in mind that correspondence received from different states may look somewhat different. Additionally, please note that since notices can be as long as 20 pages, the samples below include only the first page of a document.

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America's Foremost Disability Expert

3 Things You Must Know About Social Security Disability Claims

  1. ⅔ of all initial claims are rejected
  2. You need to hire a professional to be successful
  3. You don't have to pay experts up front

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