Social Security Disability and Doctors

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A good doctor can make or break your disability case. That's why it's important to see a doctor regularly, follow the doctor's treatment recommendations, and make sure the doctor provides the proper information to Social Security. Your doctor can help with your disability claim if he or she supports you.

Unfortunately, most doctors don't know what kind of information Social Security needs approve someone for disability benefits. You can help by learning about what information your doctor needs to provide (details about your functional limitations, preferably on an RFC form) and making sure your doctor keeps detailed records of all of your symptoms over an extended period of time. If you follow this advice, Social Security won't need to send you to a Social Security doctor.

America's Foremost Disability Expert

America's Foremost Disability Expert

3 Things You Must Know About Social Security Disability Claims

  1. ⅔ of all initial claims are rejected
  2. You need to hire a professional to be successful
  3. You don't have to pay experts up front

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