Hiring a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Anyone who has suffered a serious work injury that may limit the work or activities they can do in the future should consider hiring a lawyer to protect their rights and get them permanent disability compensation. You will do best to find a lawyer with substantial experience in the workers’ compensation field, and even experience with your type of illness or injury. You may have to contact several workers' comp lawyers before you find one to take your case. The better workers’ compensation lawyers can afford to turn down three or four cases for every case they accept. Workers' comp attorneys only want to take cases where they know they have a good chance of winning a large settlement or award (since their fee is contingent and based on a percentage of the benefits you get). Yes, you'll have to pay the attorney a fee, but  an experienced workers' comp lawyer is usually able to win a much larger workers' comp award for you than you could get for yourself.

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