Social Security Disability: List of Impairments, Medical Conditions, and Problems

Some of the most common medical conditions given on disability applications.

Here is a listing of the most common medical impairments and conditions for which claimants seek Social Security disability benefits. For an overview of how medical conditions can qualify for SSI or SSDI disability benefits, see our article on how medical conditions qualify for Social Security disability.

Autoimmune Disorders

Disorders of the Cardiovascular System

Disorders of the Digestive System

Disorders involving multiple body systems

Endocrine System Disorders

Genito-Urinary Disorders

Mental - Cognitive, Psychological & Psychiatric disorders


Musculoskeletal Impairments - Bone, Joint & Tissue disorders


Neurological Disorders

Special Senses

Respiratory Disorders

If you don't see your medical condition on this list, see our comprehensive list of all medical conditions that can qualify for disability.

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