Joel Roberts

Attorney · University of North Carolina School of Law

Joel Roberts has practiced Social Security disability law, either for nonprofit organizations or in the course of his own part-time private practice, since 1998, and has worked for nonprofits as a benefits counselor under the federal BPAO and WIPA grants. He has extensive experience with both the Social Security application and appeals process and benefits counseling for SSDI/SSI beneficiaries who are returning to work. As a person with multiple disabilities (HIV, a visual impairment, and mobility issues due to a foot injury), the disability field is a calling for him rather than just a job.

Mr. Roberts moved to San Francisco in 1979 after completing law school at the University of North Carolina and was a legal editor in the field of taxation for Commerce Clearing House and Matthew Bender for 13 years.

Articles By Joel Roberts

SSI Work Incentive Programs
If you think you may be able to return to work, SSI has numerous incentives and rules to encourage SSI recipients to return to work.
Social Security Disability Trial Work Period, EPE, and Expedited Reinstatement
Several Social Security programs allow SSDI beneficiaries to try returning to work without jeopardizing their entitlement to Social Security disability benefits.
What Is the WIPA Program?
What is the Work Incentives Planning and Assistance program? It provides free services to encourage and help disability recipients to return to work.
What Does Social Security Count as an Unsuccessful Work Attempt?
If you are working in the months before you apply for Social Security, it may not count against you if your work qualifies as an unsuccessful work attempt.
Social Security Ticket to Work Program
Ticket to Work expands the vocational services available to people on SSDI and SSI and provides additional protections to people's disability benefits as incentives for them to attempt to return to work.
Can You Lose Disability Benefits If You're Convicted of a Felony?
A felony conviction alone won't usually keep you from being approved for SSDI or SSI disability benefits, but your benefits can be suspended while you're imprisoned.
Can You Get Disability Benefits While You Appeal If Your Benefits Were Ceased?
If your disability benefits were stopped because your medical condition improved, you can continue to receive SSDI or SSI benefits while you appeal the cessation of disability benefits.