Editors of Nolo

Nolo’s editorial department includes more than 15 legal editors and two legal researchers, who all together have have more than 100 years’ experience turning legal jargon into plain English. Most of our editors gave up careers as practicing lawyers in favor of furthering Nolo’s mission: getting legal information into the hands of people who need it.

Nolo editors write and edit articles and books, develop legal forms, and create the legal content of Nolo software.

Articles By Editors of Nolo

Can I Go on Disability Because of Severe Endometriosis?
Social Security doesn't recognize endometriosis in its listing of impairments.
Are Children More Easily Approved for Social Security Disability?
Children often have a harder time getting approved for disability through the SSI program.
How to Choose a Federal Disability Retirement Lawyer
You don't have much time to make the decision to hire an attorney when OPM denies your claim for federal disability retirement.