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Lorraine Netter graduated from Albany Law School and Union Graduate College with a joint JD/MBA in Healthcare. During her graduate studies, she worked in a health law clinic where she represented clients at Social Security Disability benefit denial hearings and advised clients with complex health issues on the different legal tools that can be used to plan for the future. Prior to attending graduate school, Ms. Netter worked in the health care industry as a case manager at a brain injury rehabilitation center. She graduated from Providence College with a Bachelors of Science in Health Policy and Management.

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Articles By Lorraine Netter

How Social Security Evaluates Heart Transplant Recipients for Disability
While heart transplant recipients qualify for disability, how long they receive it depends on their complications.
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Coccydynia, pain in the tailbone, can make it difficult to sit and function at work.
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Skin cancer or melanoma that has spread may qualify you for Social Security disability benefits.
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Those with lupus and significant limitations in daily activities, social functioning, or the ability to concentrate should be able to get benefits.
What Does It Mean to Equal Social Security Disability Listing?
When you have a medical condition that doesn't quite meet the criteria in one of Social Security's disability listings, Social Security might agree that your condition is medically equivalent to a disability listing.
Social Security Disability: On the Record (OTR) Decisions
If you can get an on-the-record review from Social Security, you can get benefits without needing to hold a hearing.
Social Security Disability Benefits for Cushing Syndrome
Cushing syndrome is a hormonal disorder that occurs when high levels of cortisol are present in your body for a long period of time.