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Lorraine Netter graduated from Albany Law School and Union Graduate College with a joint JD/MBA in Healthcare. During her graduate studies, she worked in a health law clinic where she represented clients at Social Security Disability benefit denial hearings and advised clients with complex health issues on the different legal tools that can be used to plan for the future. Prior to attending graduate school, Ms. Netter worked in the health care industry as a case manager at a brain injury rehabilitation center. She graduated from Providence College with a Bachelors of Science in Health Policy and Management.

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Articles By Lorraine Netter

Can You Get SSDI Disability Benefits for Scoliosis?
Social Security disability applicants with scoliosis may qualify for benefits if they are physically limited in standing, walking, or lifting, pushing, or pulling items.
Getting Social Security Disability After Age 65 (Before Full Retirement Age)
Disabled folks over 65 can collect Social Security disability benefits rather than retirement.
Disability and Addison's Disease: Filing for Social Security Benefits
Addison's disease can lead to serious heart and digestive problems, which can qualify for disability.
How to Get Disability for HIV/AIDS
Learn how you can get disability benefits from Social Security on the basis of HIV or AIDS.
Should I Appeal My Disability Denial to the Appeals Council?
If you are denied Social Security disability benefits at the administrative hearing, you should only appeal further in a few situations.
Filing for Social Security Disability and SSI in New Jersey
If you live in New Jersey and have a disability, you can apply for state temporary disability insurance (TDI) benefits or Social Security disability.
Filing for Disability in Kansas
Learn about the percentage of disability benefits approved and the disability-related offices in Kansas.
What Medical Evidence Is Required to Get Disability for AIDS or HIV?
Social Security has elaborate documentation requirements for disability based on HIV or AIDS, which go far beyond CD4 cell counts.
Dependent and Spouse Benefits Under Social Security Disability
If you've been approved for Social Security disability benefits, dependents who rely on your income may also qualify for benefits.
Getting SSI for Premature Babies or Infants With Low Birth Weight
Preemies and infants with low birth weight or other developmental problems are often eligible for SSI disability payments for their first year of life.

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America's Foremost Disability Expert

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