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Leigh Dickey holds a law degree from the University of Virginia and an undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago. Between 1998 and 2012, she worked as a legal aid lawyer in Virginia, Oregon, and Alaska. She assisted low-income clients with a variety of problems, including problems with Medicaid and other public benefits.

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Articles By Elizabeth Dickey

Can My Child Get SSI Disability for Asthma?
Some children with severe asthma and low income will be able to get SSI disability benefits.
How Does SSI Disability Work When You Live in a Nursing Home?
Your SSI benefit may be terminated or lowered if you move to a nursing home where Medicaid pays for part of your stay.
Will I Still Be Eligible for Medicaid if I Start Getting Social Security Disability?
Social Security disability payments may give you too much income for Medicaid, but most states have buy-in and spend-down programs to help you qualify.
Will I Lose My SSI Benefits If I'm Working Over the SGA Limit?
The SGA limit does not apply to those already receiving SSI disability, but the SSI income limit does.
How to Fill Out the Application for Social Security Disability Insurance: Form SSA-16
Here are some tips on how to fill out the Application for Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDI).
What Will Happen If Social Security Says I Transferred Assets to Qualify for SSI?
Giving away or selling assets cheaply to qualify for disability can make you ineligible for SSI.
Does a Child's Anxiety Qualify for Disability Benefits?
Only children with very severe anxiety will be approved for SSI disability benefits.
Negotiating a Repayment Plan for a Social Security Disability or SSI Overpayment
In general, Social Security will negotiate a payment plan with you so you can pay back an overpayment of disability benefits.
Good Excuses for Filing a Late Disability Appeal
If you have a very good reason for missing your appeal deadline, Social Security won't make you start a new application.
California's Cash Assistance Program (CAPI): Disability Benefits for Immigrants
Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants, known as “CAPI,” is a California program that provides monthly cash benefits to disabled (or elderly) people who would be eligible for SSI except for their immigration status.
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You could be eligible for up to $3,345 per month In SSDI Benefits