Working While Receiving SSI

Deciding whether to try working or not isn't easy, but it's hard to live on just the monthly SSI payment. If you think you may be able to work some hours, you can work and  can continue to receive payments until your countable income, minus various deductions and impairment-related work expenses, exceeds the SSI income limits.

If you think your work may put you above the SSI income limit, you may worry that your benefits will be cut off but you won't be able to handle working regularly. You may worrry that you'll lose your Medicaid, if you live in a state that grants you Medicaid if you receive SSI disability. Fortunately, SSI has work incentives that help protect your benefits. These work incentives include cash benefits while you work, medical coverage while you work, help with expenses your employer incurs because of your disability, and help with education, training, and rehabilitation. These special rules can help you try out working to see if you can return to work permanently, without jeopardizing your benefits.  

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