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Melissa Linebaugh graduated with honors from the University of Baltimore School of Law and is a member of the Maryland bar. She has a background in criminal, disability, and family law. Ms. Linebaugh works as a general practitioner.

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Articles By Melissa Linebaugh

Your Credibility and Applying for Disability: How Social Security Assesses Your Complaints
Social Security needs to see that your complaints and symptoms are supported by medical records.
Social Security Disability Benefits for Dysautonomia or POTS
If the symptoms of your dysautonomia severely impact your ability to work, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits.
Applying Online for Disability: Tips on Answering Social Security's Questions
Here's what you need to know to file an application for Social Security disability benefits online.
Expedited Reinstatement After Your Disability Benefits Were Terminated
If you stop working anytime within five years of when your disability benefits stopped, you may be able to get your benefits restarted without reapplying.
Disability Benefits for Stay-at-Home Moms and Homemakers
Many stay-at-home moms and homemakers are left out of the disability benefit system, except for those with very low household income or whose spouses have become disabled or died.
Get Help From a Congressperson to Expedite Your Disability Claim
Politicians can come to your aid if you've been waiting along time for a hearing date.
Filing for Social Security Disability in Arkansas
Learn more about where Arkansas' claims are decided, their approval and denial rates, the amount of SSI a person can receive, and how long an appeal takes to be heard.
When Your Home Can Be Excluded as an Asset for SSI Disability
Social Security will not usually count your home toward the asset limit for SSI purposes.
How Social Security Defines Skilled and Unskilled Work: SVPs
Making sure Social Security classifies your prior job at the right skill level can help you win disability.
How Will a Divorce Affect My Disability Payments?
How a divorce affects your disability payments depends on whether you were receiving disability benefits on your spouse's earnings record, on your own work record, or through the SSI program.