Does Social Security Give Backpay to Everyone Approved for Disability?


I applied for SSI last month. Will I get backpay? I heard that everyone gets some amount of backpay from Social Security.


Back pay (past due benefits) are paid out in just about every single disability case. This is true for this reason: Social Security Disability cases, from start to finish, can take take two years, or longer, to finish. During that time, the meter is running, so to speak, and you are entitled to receive monthly payments from when you first applied for disability benefits.

SSDI recipients can even be paid retroactively for months (up to a year) before they filed their application date, if they were disabled before their application date. SSI recipients can't get retroactive payments for the months before their application date, but they can get months of backpay for the time they awaited a decision by the SSA.

In either case, however, since disability cases drag on for very long periods, most claimants are usually eligible to receive one or more years of backpay. Learn more about how much backpay you can expect to receive.

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