How Often Should I Call to Check on the Status of My Social Security Disability Case?


How often should I call Social Security to check on the status of my case?


If your disability claim (Social Security disability or SSI) is being evaluated at the initial claim level (also known as the application level), you should probably wait a couple of months before requesting the status of your disability claim.

Once your disability claim has been sent by the Social Security office where you applied to the state disability agency (usually known as DDS, or Disability Determination Services), your medical records will be requested by the disability examiner who has been assigned to process your case. However, getting your records may take weeks or months. As a result, you may not hear from Social Security or the state disability agency for quite some time.

You can generally expect an initial disability decision within three to four months, so calling before then is not likely to help. But if you have not received a notice (a notice of approval or a notice of denial) by then, you should make a disability claim status call.

When should you call to check the status on a reconsideration? "Recons" are generally decided faster than initial claims and usually within two months. Therefore, if you have not received a decision within two months of filing the reconsideration request, you should check the status of the claim. 

If you filed a request for a disability hearing (the second level of appeal), you may not hear anything for many months. In fact, many Social Security disability hearing offices are so backlogged with cases that it takes over a year to get an administrative law judge hearing. However, it is still worth it to check on the status of your case at least once after you file a request for hearing (after two to three months) to make sure the SSA hasn't lost your appeal paperwork.

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