What Happens if You Don't Go to a Social Security Doctor's Appointment?


What happens if I miss my Social Security medical exam?


You must attend the medical examination or call to reschedule the appointment if you cannot make your doctor's examination. If you miss the Social Security doctor's appointment, DDS will not have enough medical information to make a decision on your disability claim. (Generally, DDS (Disability Determination Services) does not schedule a consultative doctor's appointment unless the medical treatment sources in your file (your doctors) do not provide enough information to make a disability decision, or if the medical records in your file are more than 60-90 days old.)

Your disability claim could be denied for failing to attend your scheduled consultative disability examination, and you would have to appeal to have your case looked at again, and either pay to go to your own doctor or hope that the administrative law judge (ALJ) would send you to another consultative exam.

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