Does the Social Security Disability Program Offer Any Help With Housing?


I'm afraid I'll be evicted for paying my rent late the second month in a row. Does the Social Security program provide any help with housing for persons with disabilities?


No, the Social Security Administration does not offer housing or rent assistance, whether you receive Social Security disability (SSD) or SSI disability benefits. This is an understandable question, though. Many people either become homeless, or are in danger of becoming homeless, while they wait for their disability claim to be processsed.

Fortunately there are programs that can help with housing, most notably the Section 8 housing voucher program administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Unfortunately, the list for housing vouchers involves a long wait and is typically limited to families with children. It is up to your local public housing authority (PHA), however, to set local preferences for who gets priority for housing vouchers. Many PHAs, especially in recent years, have made it a prioritiy to provide housing for persons with disabilities. HUD also has a "certain developments" voucher program and a "designated housing" voucher program, both of which are for people with disabilities. You apply for all of these programs though your local PHA. For more information on the housing vouchers programs, and to find your local PHA, see the HUD website.

HUD also administers several programs designed to provide long-term housing to persons with disabilities who would not otherwise have a home. Social Security publishes information on these programs; for more information, see the HUD housing programs pamphlet.

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