Sample Notice of ALJ Decision - Fully Favorable


Refer To:
Matthew Claimant
Office of Hearings Operations
142 Hearing Lane
Sometown, NC 23405

March 1, 2017

Matthew Claimant
1234 Somestreet Drive
Sometown, NC 23406


I have made the enclosed decision in your case. Please read this notice and the decision carefully.

This Decision Is Fully Favorable to You
Another office will process the decision and send you a letter about your benefits. Your local Social Security office or another may ask you for more information. If you do not hear anything for 60 days, contact your local office.

The Appeals Council May Review the Decision on Its Own
The Appeals Council may decide to review my decision even though you do not ask it to do so. To do that, the Council must mail you a notice about its review within 60 days from the date shown. Review at the Council's own motion could make the decision less favorable or unfavorable to you.

If You Disagree With the Decision
If you believe my decision is not fully favorable to you, or if you disagree with it for any reason, you may file an appeal with the Appeals Council.

How to File An Appeal
To file an appeal, you or your representative must request the Appeals Council to review the decision. You must make the request in writing. You may use our Request for Review form, HA-520, or write a letter.

You may file your request at any local Social Security office or hearing office. You may also mail your request right to the Appeals Council, 5107 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church VA 22041-3255. Please put the Social Security number shown above on any appeal you file.

Time to File An Appeal
To file an appeal, you must file your request for review within 60 days from the date you get this notice.

The Appeals Council assumes you got the notice 5 days after the date shown above unless you show you did not get it within the 5-day period. The Council will dismiss a late request unless you show you had a good reason for not filing it on time.

Time to Submit New Evidence
You should submit any new evidence you wish to the Appeals Council to consider with your request for review.

How an Appeal Works
Our regulations state the rules the Appeals Council applies to decide when and how to review a case. These rules appear in the code of Federal Regulations, Title 20, Chapter III, Part 404 Subpart J.

If you file an appeal, the Appeals Council will consider all of my decision, even the parts with which you agree. The Council may review your case for any reason. It will review your case if one of the reasons for review listed in our regulations exists. Sections 404.970 of the regulation list these reasons.

Requesting review places the entire record of your case before the council. Review can make any part of my decision fully or partially favorable or unfavorable to you.

On review, the Council may itself consider the issues and decide your case. The Council may also send it back to an Administrative Law Judge for a new decision.

If No Appeal and No Appeals Council Review
If you do not appeal and the Council does not review my decision on its own motion, you will not have a right to court review. My decision will be a final decision that can be changed only under special rules.

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