If I Get Social Security Disability Benefits, Will My Family Or Kids Get Benefits?


If I get Social Security disability benefits, will my family or kids get benefits?


If an adult is approved for disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, his or her dependents can receive additional benefits if they qualify. (In contrast, if an adult is approved for disability benefits under the SSI disability program, there is no provision for dependents.) 

Qualifying dependents include spouses who are taking care of children or who have reached retirement age and unmarried children under 18. A dependent can receive up to half of the disabled person's benefit amount, but if there is more than one dependent, the amount will decrease.

There is a family maximum, or FMAX, that is all the money that can be paid on an individual's record. From the FMAX amount, the disabled individual will be paid his or her benefit (PIA). The remainder, if there is any, will be divided among the dependents (generally, the money is divided equally between dependents). Learn more about the family maximum benefit and benefits for dependents of disabled persons.

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