What Will a Report From a Consultative Exam for Disability Include?


I just went to a Social Security doctor exam and the doctor didn't seem to believe the severity of my symptoms. What type of information will he include in his report to Social Security?


The consulting doctor who performs your consultative medical exam (CE) for the Social Security Administration (SSA) will send a written report with regard to your examination. This letter will contain a detailed report about the results of the physical examination, positive or negative findings, and the results of any tests you took. The doctor should also include a diagnosis and prognosis of your condition and a statement about what you are capable of doing, such as how many hours you can stand or walk and how many pounds you can lift.

The doctor may also include notations on his or her opinion of whether your symptoms are as serious as you say. For instance, the doctor could note that you were able to get out of your vehicle with little or no difficulty, or that the doctor did not feel that you gave your best effort during the examination. Consulting doctors do see some disability claimants who are malingering (faking the severity of their condition), so they will be on the lookout for this. Remember that Social Security doctors are evaluating you from the moment they see you, not just during their physical or mental examination.

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